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If you have landed on this website, it is most likely because you believe that your business is not performing up to its most optimal potential.  As a result, you are most likely dealing with the following issues: 

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If the issues described in the last section sound like where you are at with your business, then we should definitely set up a time to discuss how Bright Six can help you with your marketing efforts and overall business success. 

Everything said above sounds great, but “How do you make all of that happen?”… We are able to achieve the above results for our clients by developing a rock-solid foundation for which to operate their marketing strategy. We do this by focusing on the most essential elements of your marketing efforts. Read more … 

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If you want to experience long-term success in your business, it’s essential that the foundation of your marketing efforts is strong. To ensure this happens, we focus on six key elements which provide our clients with all the necessary resources and tools they need for optimal results. With a solid base established, then –and only then– can your business reap the rewards from effective marketing strategies set up for growth!

Marketing Strategy
(360° Approach)

A well-planned integrated marketing campaign is the key to a successful business. Craft an eye-catching storyline and develop thought-provoking content that speaks directly to your target audience through multiple platforms – from print media, digital ads, email communications, social postings and even direct mail! Doing so will strengthen brand loyalty as well as positively impact your bottom line.

Website Development & Management

Create a website that will put you ahead of the competition! With carefully crafted design and searchable content, help customers quickly understand why they need to choose your services over others. Make sure to continually optimize so visitors always have access to relevant information – giving them an effortless experience as they explore what you offer.

We will also provide monthly management of your website and updates as needed. 


Digital Marketing

Take your business to the next level with a strategic digital marketing approach. Utilize an omni-channel system encompassing cornerstone content, SEO and PPC techniques, social media presence, as well as website optimization for improved ROI and lead generation. Enhancing visibility on search engines will maximize impact when driving visitors to your site – experience increased success today!

(Identity & Messaging)

Branding is the key to successful marketing for your business. It goes beyond just a logo and encompasses all elements of your promotional campaigns: from emails, digital ads and social media activity, to website design – which are used together in harmony to create an impression within your target audience. Crafting consistent brand guidelines helps build up trustworthiness whilst creating a lasting personality that customers can connect with over time. 

Social Media & Content Development

Content Development
Original content can take your business to the next level, transforming it into a destination for industry expertise and authority. By constantly displaying knowledge in webinars, social media updates, lead-nurture emails and more you’ll be giving engines something worth searching for—positioning yourself ahead of competitors far beyond what was previously possible. 

This content development strategy naturally populates your social media feeds and keeps them fresh and consistently up to date.

Marketing Software Implementation

At Bright Six, we understand the importance of digital marketing and are firm believers in leveraging technology to power your business’s growth. We’ll provide you with all the tools needed for a successful strategy plus offer onboarding and training on new software – like CRM platforms – so everyone is always up-to-speed on system usage and understanding. Rest assured that any tech solutions required will be meticulously vetted by us before implementation!

What Is A Fractional CMO?

When businesses need expert marketing guidance to expand, many are turning toward fractional CMOs – part-time Chief Marketing Officers who provide the same level of input and leadership as full-time employees. It’s a great way for companies to leverage experienced executives without making permanent commitments.

What Are The benefits of Hiring A Fractional CMO?

There are many benefits of hiring a fractional CMO instead of a full-time one. Firstly, they provide the same level of expertise as a full-time CMO but without the long-term commitment or the overhead costs associated with employing an executive on staff. Additionally, they can be flexible in terms of working hours, which is beneficial if you are looking to maximize short-term projects such as launching new products or services. They also provide valuable insights into how to utilize digital marketing strategies best in order to enhance your online presence and reach more customers effectively. Finally, they have experience in multiple industries which allows them to bring fresh perspectives and ideas that can help your business grow.

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